Trump Implements Expensive Tax Reform In Honor Of “Go Bills!” Season Home Opener 2017

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President Trump gave a speech in North Dakota on September 6 in which he called for cuts to business and individual taxes, claiming falsely that the U.S. is “the highest-taxed nation in the world” (it is near the middle of the pack for developed nations, measured by taxes paid per person and share of GDP spent on taxes).

However, off-the-air interviews report after this speech, ┬áit had totally slipped Trump’s mind that the NFL Season Opener was that upcoming weekend and he wanted to do something special in honor of his “Go Bills!” pride.

So how ’bout we keep the highest-taxed nation of the world the way it is for a little why longer?

Trump also disclosed (off the record) that he believes Sammy Watkins “was just such a disgrace” and it was “good riddance” to have him traded for merely nothing.

After this decision, American taxes are gonna be super expensive starting this weekend, y’all.